AI and Games Series

I am prone to writing about Artificial Intelligence in games.  These articles are designed to be informative, provide access to relevant literature on AI topics and accessible to those who either are studying or are new to the subject area.

Please contact me if you are aware of any corrections that need to be made or if you have a request for future articles.

I currently host this series over at where you can sponsor creators like myself as well as whole bunch of other people making really cool stuff.  If you like what you’ve found here, please consider becoming a patron and help ‘AI and Games’ grow.


AI & Games

These are the ‘big and juicy’ articles: providing case studies of research and commercial activity on AI in games.

AI 101

Our own special series that introduces AI while using video games as a frame of reference.


A set of tutorials to help you understand AI, using either paper-based examples or creating your own AI software to work in game engines and tools.

Let’s Play AI

Something a little more laid back: let’s play sessions of games that we discuss throughout the AI & Games series.

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