My name is Tommy Thompson, I’m a computer science lecturer and researcher currently based in the UK.  I don’t take myself terribly seriously, but treat what I do with the gravity it deserves.  I like to do a lot of different things, and this is largely explained below:

  • I’m an AI researcher who is interested in using games given their potential for interesting applications and benchmarks.
  • I write about interesting AI applications for games both within the games industry as well as in academia on
  • I hang out with a group of awesome people and record our ramblings on the Plus Four To Science! podcast.
  • I’m (slowly) making games as part of my own indie dev team: Table Flip Games.

On a more formal and qualified note, I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde, a BSc in Computer Science (1st class honours) from Strathclyde (and the University of Iowa) and a MSc (with Distinction) in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh.  I also carry a teaching qualification – the Postgraduate Certificate of Higher Education – and am a fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK).  While the last part might not mean much, it says I’m formally qualified to do what I do for a living.

If you wish to get in touch with me here are some immediate links:

The Important Disclaimer Part

Any opinions expressed in my posts or articles on this are mine alone and are not a reflection of my working associates (including my current employer).  Though I hope they like what I have to say.

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